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6 Tricks for Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Flooring

No matter what type of flooring is installed in your office or commercial facility, time eventually tells the story. At first, that new sparkling shine is unmistakable. But at some point, that initial glow will disappear and leave you wondering what happened.

Unless, of course, your floors are properly maintained.

Here are our 6 essential tips and tricks for preserving your polished concrete’s shine for years to come:

1.) Daily Dust Mopping

Keeping pesky, abrasive dirt particles off your flooring is vital for the long term health and shine of your concrete floors. We recommend that all of our clients incorporate a daily mopping routine using a microfiber pad to maintain both longevity and clarity.

2.) Weekly Wet Mopping

While dry mopping is important, to further maintain the longevity of your polished concrete floors, weekly wet mopping – using both clean water and a clean mop – is essential. This will help to wash away harmful dirt, debris and other grime that has built up on the surface of your floors. In smaller areas, mops and buckets are sufficient. But in larger settings, auto-scrubbers with a nonabrasive pad are typically the most efficient.

3.) Matting Programs

When dealing with large spaces with polished concrete, it is best to incorporate soft floor coverings to help trap dirt and dust. Multiple mat programs are available for facility managers to build a custom program based on property specific needs. There are disposable, rental and direct purchase that can be customized with logos and branding elements to help mats become a consistent aspect of the design architecture.

4.) Wash Spills Immediately

The moment you notice any stains, spills, or odd discoloration on your concrete flooring, the best way to ensure that stain doesn’t stick is to clean it right away. Otherwise, stains have the nasty habit of absorbing into your flooring and causing decay, which may require the costly headache of a full scale restoration.

5.) Give Your Cleaner Time, But Not TOO Much Time

While it is crucial to give your cleaning agent enough time to do its job in breaking down grime from grease and other contaminants, you have to be careful not let these cleaners dry. If that occurs, you will only be adding to your work. There is an art to cleaning and maintaining polished concrete, one that professional floor cleaners would be more than happy to assist you with.

6.) Utilize Diamond Impregnated Pads & Sealers on a Regular, Restorative Basis

Keeping the desired finish and look of polished concrete requires understanding the process to install a polished concrete floor. Diamond impregnated pads (or “DIPs”) offer cleaning and polishing in a single pad and are regularly used to maintain polished concrete. There are three key variables to consider: Grit, RPM speed and Dry vs. Wet processes. Of course, once done a sealer or protectant must be chosen to help increase the durability of the finish.


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